Cabling, Network, and Wi-Fi

Your network is the backbone of your infrastructure, and determines how well your systems perform. However, you would be surprised at how often this vital component is overlooked or neglected. ChoiceCom’s structured cabling, network, and Wi-Fi specialists deliver flawlessly-planned and installed infrastructures that give your employees and customers the best user experience.

Our structured cabling services for voice, data, fiber optic cabling, and wireless LAN rollouts guarantee maximum uptime and reduced power outages. We also offer network management and support that gives you a team of technicians who will proactively monitor your LAN, WLAN, and Wi-Fi infrastructure to ensure continuous peak performance. They will mitigate any network and wireless connectivity issues before they disrupt your operations.

The benefits of our Cabling, Network and Wi-Fi Services include:
  • Network Integration – Our solutions integrate with your entertainment and audio systems, CCTV systems, building controls, and more
  • Network Specialists – You get the expertise of network technicians to configure managed switching, boost signal strength and extend range so you get the most value from your hardware
  • Full-service Installation Services – We offer a full range of installations including Wi-Fi systems, phone and internet, boardroom setup, network closets, racks and mounts
  • Eliminated Downtimes – Our proactive management eliminates your unanticipated network disruptions

Let us design, install, and maintain a robust IT infrastructure that meets your performance, budget, and scalability needs.