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We Are ChoiceCom: Your Trusted Partner in Business Solutions since 1995: Your Choice for Success in Belleville-Kingston and surrounding area
What do we do?

Empowering the Advancement of Your Small-to-Mid Size Business through Customized Solutions!

Elevate your business with ChoiceCom’s tailored solutions.  We focus on companies, from five to a hundred people. Our expertise shines through managed services, seamlessly integrating telecom communications, IT management, cyber security, ensuring top-tier data security and backup solutions and more. From print solutions to network system backbone, even mailroom requirements.  We have you covered. Our adept team excels at delivering real-world business solutions, ensuring your operations thrive in a connected and secure environment. Choose ChoiceCom for innovation that propels your success.  This proven approach allows businesses to leverage the expertise of both their company and ours.  Often resulting in improved efficiency, specialized knowledge, and better overall outcomes.

Meet Ian Pollard, our owner and managing director, who embodies our commitment to customer relations. His passion for serving people, coupled with an open mindset towards new technologies, drives our continuous research and development efforts. Through Ian’s leadership, we’re dedicated to nurturing our team’s growth and expertise, fostering business success for both our clients and our organization.

Ian Pollard Owner & Managing Director at ChoiceCom Networks & Communications LTD.

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Here are some of our more popular services

Phone Solutions
VoIP & Cloud Solutions
Print Services
Multi-functional or basic print
Managed IT
Total IT Solutions
Why Choose Us?

Putting Your Success First:
Delving into Your Business Needs and Objectives!


Collaborative Alliances: Our Trusted Vendor Partnerships

Fostering Success Through Strong Vendor Partnerships: Enabling Solutions, Technical Training, Warranty Administration, and License Management.

We Are ChoiceCom

Managed IT Services Customized by Industries

Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, ChoiceCom has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your business’ needs.

Unify Your Business Security
& Efficiency with Managed IT at the Core

Fully managed IT will provide a peace of mind that any business needs. We are here to support your infrastructure, your services and your team, so that you can focus on what matters most to your business.