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Finally, IT that you can trust! Managed IT Service Provider We value our clients, their infrastructure and their trust! That's why our goal is to always deliver quality work with a smile :)
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Level Up Your IT Game

The ever-evolving world of modern technology comes with both it’s merits and its drawbacks, one being the constantly reshaping landscape.  It is challenging for business owners to spend the time it takes to navigate, test, train and implement new technology processes.  Making what has been selected work and fit for their business.  The sales brochure from a software vendor makes life appear simple, click, click and its done.


Our team of professionals lives and breathes the space of business technology solutions, we implement changes, projects for our small business client on an ongoing basis.  We have to learn firsthand the challenges that are faced getting appliances and software to interface with a business for its success.  If you like to keep abreast of the latest tech or would like to bring your company to the next level, we would like to explore a candid conversation with you.  Our first discussions are around understanding your challenges and your vision. 

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The Threat Is Real

60% of Small Businesses Close Within 6 Months of Being Hacked

Cybersecurity has become a concerning topic, particularly in these last few years. We understand how much anxiety it can bring when you’re unsure of how well your business is protected. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to  working with industry leading vendors that offer innovative, cutting edge and proven solutions. We take security very seriously, and with good reason. Find out more about how we can help protect your data and infrastructure with a free consultation.  

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Information Technology Services

Managed Print

We help businesses by providing the latest multi-functional laser printing technologies as well as ongoing support, maintenance, and management for a predictable monthly cost.

Phone Solutions

Our unified communication system gives you a plethora of advanced, enterprise-grade calling and messaging features at a small business price. Now you can work and talk from any location any time!

Networking Services

Our networking services for voice, data, fiber optic cabling and Wi-Fi rollouts guarantee maximum uptime and reduced power outages. We offer fully managed network services as well.

Equipment Leasing

Our procurement services can help you stay ahead of the game through affordable leasing of equipment. Spread costs across item service life and eliminate big upfront expenses for small businesses.


Security Services

From firewalls to endpoint protection, our security services are at the forefront of our services. Everything we do revolves around security, and we do our best to stay ahead of the threats to give you peace of mind.

IT Consulting

Our advisory services can help you reach your business goals. We love working with our clients to understand their needs and objectives and how technology can help. Give us a call anytime to speak with us.

Managed Services

Fully Managed Is Best.
But Why?

Information Technology services have been trending towards systems and solutions as a service. But why? That’s because it’s the way our industry is going and it really is the better option. How so? Simply put, it provides you with a better level of service while lowering up front costs. With offerings like security-as-a-service and backup-as-a-service, we are able to provide our clients with cutting edge solutions but at an affordable rate! And on top of all that, the level of protection we can provide in a fully managed environment is hands down as good as it gets! Such an environment will meet industry standards for enterprise businesses but make it affordable for smaller sized companies. 

Why Choose Us?

Professional Team

Our team of experts focus on training and customer service. They are friendly, knowledgeable and love to help!

Fully Managed

We offer a wide variety of services so you can choose to be partially hands off or completely hands off!

Fast Response

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver quick support whenever you need it.


We like to stay ahead of the game when it comes to solutions and services we offer, and that's just how we do it!

Managed Firewall & E-mail Security?

We manage your network security as a means of providing a safe filter between your work and the threats you will encounter!

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some quick answers?

I think we may have a virus. What do I do?

That really doesn't sound good! We STRONGLY recommend that you immediately power down all IT equipment you have in your office and IMMEDIATELY give us a call. We can securely bring you back online and do our best to remove any infections that may have occurred. 

How quickly can you help us?

We pride ourselves on offering fast customer service, and we want to do exactly that for you! Of course, we are a busy team and we must prioritize some things, so depending on the nature of your request, it can take up to few businesses days before we can help you out. That's worst case scenario of course, we typically fulfill all requests within just a day. Just give us a call and we'd be more than happy to help you out! 

What is a firewall?

A firewall is your direct protection from that big bad nasty World Wide Web! It's your business' primary connection to all things good and bad, so it's wise to really think about what this device should be doing for you. Typically we recommend even small businesses stay protected from threats with a firewall that can:

  • Mitigate small to medium denial of service attacks
  • Prevent malicious network activity
  • Detect threats on your network trying to communicate with malicious external IPs
  • Block incoming and outgoing traffic that's not authorized
  • Provide SECURE remote access (if required)

If you're unsure about any of these things, we really think you should give us a call so we can explain exactly what this stuff is and how you can best stay protected.

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a common tool used today for remote access to secure networks. This is primarily used for out of office workers, which as we know is a common workplace scenario now a days. But did you know that improper VPN configuration and protocols can actually be one of the EASIEST things a hacker can exploit? 

A VPN can be a great tool but only if it's setup properly. If you're unsure of how to do so, no worries, we would be more than glad to help! Just give us a shout! 

What is included in the Small Business Cybersecurity solution?

SC Cybersecurity solutions offer:

  • A next generation firewall device with deep-packet inspection capability
  • Professional firewall installation by a expert technician and network engineer
  • Premium content filtering service
  • A comprehensive and customizable weekly report to see all blocked threats
  • Add-on products like Botnet filtering and VPN services to complete the solution

Give us a shout and we would LOVE to discuss with you how our SC security service can better protect your business.