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10 Nov

We depend on software everyday to perform tasks such as listening to music and reading documents to running our businesses and filing taxes.

09 Nov

ChoiceCom is a proud sponsor of the 2016-17 PeeWee AA Belleville Jr. Bulls!

05 Oct

“Sitting Disease” is a term commonly used by the scientific community when referring to metabolic syndrome and other negative effects like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and even cancer that are the result of an overly sedentary modern lifestyle.

27 Sep

So the time has come for you to replace or upgrade your business’s digital photocopier. There will be lots of factors you’ll need to consider: size, speed, features, ease of use and of course, price.

Shopping for a new photocopier or Multifunction Printer is often an intimidating experience, particularly when you don’t really speak ‘the language’. This is the first in a series of blogs that will break down some common terminology you’re likely to run into when researching your MFP purchase.

26 Sep

Are you attending the Health Enhancement Research Organization’s HERO Forum in Atlanta next week? The theme this year is Leading in Well-Being: Workplaces Influencing the Health of Employees, Families and Communities, with sessions by top thought leaders and industry innovators from best practice organizations.

While you’re there, please join us f...

20 Sep

Along with our friends at UCB 102.3FM in Belleville, we’ve created a series of radio ads highlighting some headaches one might experience when relying on paper document storage.

Allow ChoiceCom to proudly present the third ad in our series…

20 Sep

The other day I picked up my husband from work. He’s a fourth-grade teacher at a St. Paul school in Minnesota. Since we’ve been talking to a lot of educators and administrators about our new LearnFit® Adjustable Standing Desk, I took this opportunity to check out his classroom and chat with him to research the flow of his day.

I also wanted to see...

08 Sep

We think the future of classroom furniture is personalized flexibility. What do we mean by that? To adapt to the fluid environment of their classrooms, teachers need equipment that allows them to change their teaching style at a moment’s notice. And kids deserve desks that enable full engagement with the teacher and classmates, as the subject and a...

22 Aug

Along with our friends at UCB 102.3FM in Belleville, we’ve created a series of radio ads highlighting some true-to-life frustrations that come with paper document storage.

Now ChoiceCom proudly presents to you the second ad in our series:

11 Aug

Looking for ways to make your workplace even healthier? Ergotron’s new Resources Center on helps you to educate your employer, co-workers, and other stakeholders on the benefits of creating a culture of movement.

On the Resources Center you’ll find:

A downloadable WorkFit Champion Toolkit which includes an “Ask Your Boss” sit-stand des...

08 Aug


With so many organizations looking for ways to reduce employee absenteeism and presenteeism, improve productivity, and lower healthcare costs, this complimentary 30-minute on-demand webinar followed by Q&A, helps HR and wellness professionals learn why standing at work is gaining popularity and how to make a...

04 Aug

While there’s pros & cons for both traditional paper filing and Digital Document storage, ChoiceCom believes that a making use of Digital Document Management system is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to streamline your business’ workflow.

25 Jul

Imagine: the convenience of a single platform that connects all of your core business systems, applications and devices, allowing you to locate, share and secure your company’s documents and information quickly and easily. This can be a reality for your business when you choose to go paperless with a powerful Document Management System from ChoiceCom.

This infographic looks at some key differences between digital document management and traditional paper storage:

21 Jul

Toshiba's newest Multifunction Printer models can make life simpler for all users within an organization. This video illustrates how these machines will benefit Administration, Business Owners and IT Managers:

20 Jul

Video courtesy of

Good news! Reports about how standing desks are helping students to learn have crossed the Atlantic. Recently a number of European television stations have covered this educational phenomenon.

Spain’s Televisio de Catalunya sent reporter Raquel Sans to Virginia’s Alexandria Country Day School to see how Ergotron’s Lear...

18 Jul

While the exterior of Toshiba's new e-STUDIO Multifunction Printers may have been upgraded to a sleek & modern black, there's a lot going on inside of these copiers that make them "Green" too!

12 Jul

At ChoiceCom, we recognize the important role a copier or Multifunction printer plays in day-to-day operations for most organizations. The more efficient your MFP, the smoother the workday will typically go. Today we'll take a look at OCR, a powerful technology that will save you time and space, which in turn can help save money!

11 Jul

Save time with Ergotron’s expert installation and maintenance for workstations, desk mounts, wall mounts and carts. Josh Wilson, Ergotron’s Director of Global Service Sales, discusses the benefits of the flexible Ergotron Service packages that cover the full product lifecycle in the USA. Learn more at the Ergotron website by visiting Support...

21 Jun

It’s an exciting time for us at ChoiceCom, as our partner Toshiba Canada has rolled out several new e-STUDIO multifunction printer models!

When we say “new”, we don’t mean refreshed, upgraded models. We mean brand-new. These MFP’s are completely redesigned inside and out, sporting a bold new look and featuring a fast Intel dual-core processor and Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Next architecture.

Here’s three ways these e-STUDIO models can simplify your workflow experience and increase efficiency:

09 Jun

Toshiba's newly re-designed e-STUDIO models are set to change the game for MFP's and ChoiceCom couldn't be more excited!

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