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10 Mar

Don't let security strategy slip in any part of your business.

26 Feb

Research shows that office happiness is directly tied to productivity. Once it seems simple and makes sense to be more productive, employees will feel happy, and the cycle continues - the key is just starting that cycle!

18 Feb

Your organization runs on data, and many organizations protect their data by backing up servers and a few key workstations.

29 Nov

November 29, 2017

If you tuned into the NBC Nightly News on November 21, you likely saw Ha...

29 Nov

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the follow up. Don has been great. He is professional and pleasant as well as helpful. I would recommend you guys based on my experience to date. The NEC phone system definitely meets my expectations as well

02 Nov

November 2, 2017

Americans spent nearly 11 hours a day in front of screens in...

31 Oct

October 31, 2017

The technology purchasing process within...

30 Oct

October 30, 2017


26 Oct

Unless you have a plan in place before something goes wrong, you can almost bet that when your office equipment goes down, your office productivity will plummet. Get on the right side of the problem from the beginning with a repair plan, and the highest functioning equipment to stay ahead of the game. 

26 Oct

October 26, 2017

Guess what? Your hips can hold much of your stress! Sitting...

24 Oct

Lexmark Supply Chain Document Optimization for Manufacturing, a solution that leverages the Lexmark Smart multifunction printer platform and streamlines manual processes to help manufacturers gain visibility into supply chain logistics, consolidate devices, increase productivity and lower costs

23 Oct

Thank you again for showing me how to do the magazine sort option on our printer. I can not believe that we have had that option for over 3 years and have not used it once. I have been formatting brochures in Word which, trust me can be finicky work. I could have saved myself so much time and frustration.


19 Oct

The new Elevate feature by Toshiba takes your office equipment to the next level. If you are looking for the fastest way to get it all done with a personal touch, unmatched time-saving abilities, and the highest quality, now is the time to invest in the Toshiba product of the future. 

12 Oct

Mirroring the big boys provides some reassurance to the SMB owner that it’s been tested and proven before therefore it’s a fairly safe bet! A strategy that has been touted around is Managed Print Services (MPS), which could be the right fit for your SMB depending on your organization.

12 Oct

Evolving into a movement-friendly culture can be a challenge for many organizations. But with uninterrupted sitting negatively impacting employee productivity and contributing to many unhealthy and costly physical conditions, companies know they need to make a change. But where to start?

In our new handbook, Make the Sit-Stand Switch, we outline...

11 Oct

Hours spent sitting in your chair can lead to back pain that stays with you long after you leave the office. Get into a movement mindset while improving your spine health and lowering your back pain with these simple poses, all done from the convenience of your work area.

View video.

For more resources to get you moving, visit www.themovementmindset....

25 Sep

We’re all familiar with the benefits of traditional exercise like running, weight lifting and even taking the stairs, but how do those activities stack up against standing? And where does the impact of sedentary behavior like sitting fit in?

Physical activity should be looked at as a continuum, ranging from sedentary behavior all the way to...

19 Sep

The average person sits more than 12 hours each day with much of that time spent at the workplace. To fight against a culture of inactivity, Ergotron has spent the last seven years raising awareness of the dangers of prolonged sitting through

Now stacked with new resources, interactive tools and a fresh look and feel,

05 Sep

Do contradictory research study results ever frustrate you? First we hear, for example, that butter is bad for us and then, just a few years later, people are adding it to their coffee for its supposed health benefits. It can be confusing to know what’s really true in a world where “facts” are continually changing. We’d like to point out a notable...

26 Jan

Technology allows us to be more mobile than ever before. So why do we keep sitting around? Ergotron is rethinking the way we design environments to allow more flexibility, greater collaboration and opportunities to move more. Sit back and enjoy this informative video on how sitting creeps into every area of our lives. It’s time to stand up for o...

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