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22 Dec

Have you already bought all of your Christmas and New Year gifts and booked holiday tickets and hotel rooms? I’ll bet my boots that many have not yet completed all of these tasks and now spend their spare time performing a last minute ‘great holiday quest.’ It’s very important to keep calm in order to avoid becoming the victim of a holiday phishing...

21 Dec

Considering our still tepid economy, financial officers continue to scrutinize organization-wide budgets, with particular interest in shaving IT expenditures. While some companies have been able to operate at or near optimum levels under these circumstances, others are struggling to operate as efficiently as before.

Fortunately for all involved,...

19 Dec

The Sony breach certainly seems to be the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. And if the commonly accepted narrative reflects the truth, this whole nightmare scenario stems from what promised to be a puerile comedy titled “The Interview.” The premise of the movie revolves around a pair of journalists who are granted a rare interview wit...

18 Dec

Santa may have lots of tech in store for you…here’s hoping. Finding ways to store, charge and mount that tech is your job. Thankfully, whether you are bringing new tech home for the holidays, or trying to add new dazzle to your existing TVs, Ergotron’s OmniMount brand has a little something for every room in the house. Scan the Look Book, or match...

18 Dec

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have uncovered a new variant of the infamous Zeus Trojan. It’s called Chthonic, a reference to spirits and deities from the underworld in Greek mythology, and it’s targeting 150 banks and 20 payment systems in 15 countries.

Zeus, as its name suggests, is the king of banking malware. It first emerged in 2007 and has been...

17 Dec

It was an enjoyable Saturday night, when a friend of mine suddenly received an SMS notification telling him that his card was charged at least 550 EUR… in Greece. “What the…?”, was all he could say. While we were engaged in a vivid discussion and called the bank to block his card, the people in Greece did not waste any time; my friend’s bank accoun...

16 Dec

Welcome to the second post in a series about the false perceptions of IT security. In this post we will describe some of the issues associated with password management. As you know, it is quite important to have a strong password. So, what exactly is a strong password?

When asking random people about passwords, they tend to agree that having a...

15 Dec

Technology evolves in a way that no one can predict or foresee. Accepting that fact, let us recall the geeky sci-fi fantasies from as far back as the 1960s, such as a future where androids could help people with chores, which was projected to happen in the 21st century. Today, half a century later, this dream has come true, and indeed we have home...

12 Dec

We have written about the dangers that public Wi-Fi hotspots pose to users time and time again, but today we are talking about threats that come specifically from home wireless networks. Many wireless router users do not consider them to be threatening, but we are here to shed some light on this unfortunate reality. This guide is by no means...

11 Dec

October was National Ergonomics month. People came from far and wide to jump, or more accurately, stand up to our Stand-Up Pioneers Facebook photo contest. Okay, well not really, but you get the idea. Our Stand-Up Pioneers were very excited about the opportunity to create and submit their DIY innovations to us. Stand-Up Pioneers are using laptops...

11 Dec

If December means predicting the new year in the security world, then it also means recapping the year that’s about to end. And that’s just what Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team has done with this list of 2014’s ten emergent trends in the Internet security industry.

A Bevy of Advanced Persistent Threats

APT groups certainly didn’t s...

10 Dec

It’s December, and in the security industry that means one thing: predictions from experts about what trends will emerge in the next year. As always, some stuff is new, while other items show up on these lists every year. Below are nine predictions from Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team.

Cybercriminals Merge with APT Groups, Tactics


01 Dec

With market research company IHS predicting digital signage – or DS – revenues exceeding $15 billion by the end of next year, video display vendors are now fast and furiously unveiling ultra-high definition LED displays to keep up with demand.

While it’s certainly a necessity to have state-of-the-art display technology in any DS implementation, it d...

01 Dec

Sometimes we want easy. Sometimes we want it to work, right out of the box. With Ergotron’s newest addition to the WorkFit family, that’s what you get!

Introducing the WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation. It’s ultra simple. Universal. Great for whatever set up you have—laptop, single or dual monitor—with tool-free, straight up-down adjus...

14 Nov

Sometimes, during a busy workday, good posture is the last thing on our minds. Katie Rosenbrock, in her piece, “Improve Your Posture: Tips for Healthy Computer Use at Work [Infographic]” on The Active Times, is challenging that mindset. She offers with three easy tips from Ergotron’s Carrie Schmitz (@giveafig) for a healthier work day. What better...

31 Oct

Wanting to save your money when buying things is normal, yet sometimes this might impose a threat to you. Although our ancestors tried to drive out this sinful attitude, even making up dozens of proverbial sayings like “a cheapskate pays twice”, we still tend to believe that distributors can be selfless and that they are willing to give away goods...

31 Oct
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30 Oct

Copyright 2014

“They’re playing our song,” someone on the team said at the launch of Apple’s newest innovation, the Apple Watch (overview).

The “song” they’re singing? It has a catchy little ring to it. We tried to capture it once five years ago in our release of the Cubicle Blues, back when people were still arguing “why would I want to stand when I...

30 Oct

It has become somewhat of an embarrassment to talk about privacy these days. What use is it to protect privacy if careless users are eager to exhibit their personal data to anyone on social networks anyways? Today, users are readily spending their hard-earned money to sign up, deliberately, for house arrest-style services similar to those used for...

30 Oct

Yesterday at the EDSpaces event in Tampa, FL, Ergotron’s LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk for students won an EDSpaces Innovations Award in the Student Desk category. Sponsored by the International Interior Design Association, the EDspaces Innovation Awards recognizes excellence in product design for learning environments. See more pics from the...

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