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28 Jan

Every year, millions of people become victims of numerous data breaches. For the majority of them, the results are sad: hackers sell users’ banking information on underground websites, companies pay huge sums of money to their clients, and consumers lose money.

On Data Privacy Day we’d like to tell you about the top data breaches in 2014. We’ve als...

27 Jan

Gartner predicts cloud computing is one of the top technology trends in 2015. In reality though, cloud computing has been a staple of business for at least four years or so as companies like DropBox are streamlining our work by allowing us to send and receive data-intensive files that heretofore would have been challenging, if not been impossible....

27 Jan

A researcher discovered last week that he could exploit Progressive’s Snapshot driver tracking tool in order to hack into the onboard networks of certain automobiles. Snapshot is a tool manufactured by Progressive auto insurance that plugs into the OBD-II port. Its purpose is to monitor driving behavior in order to offer cheaper insurance rates to...

26 Jan

Montera Middle School in Oakland, California, is joining Belle Terre Elementary (Florida), and Deer Creek Middle School (Colorado), in a unique approach to learning. They’ve furnished a complete classroom with Ergotron’s LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desks. Hear about the experience from teachers and students alike. Unscripted, direct and honest...

26 Jan

As a student, I had a part-time job servicing and administrating computers for SMВ customers. Years have passed, but there are occasions when I have to remember those good old days — mostly when I visit relatives who use their PCs daily, but still cannot service them properly.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a plea for help from one such relative:...

21 Jan

Nortek, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTK) today announced the acquisition of Anthro Corporation, the Oregon-based designer and manufacturer of technology furniture to join Nortek’s Ergotron and OmniMount brands (see the release).

“We share similar cultures and our employees put customers first in everything they do,” said Pete Segar, Ergotron President and CEO. “T...

21 Jan

Meet our newest charging systems family! Ergotron’s Zip40 Charging Cart, Zip40 Charging and Management Cart, and Zip12 Charging Desktop Cabinet all share a universal desire to keep your tablet, Chromebook™, Ultrabook™, MacBook® and laptop devices−individually or in any combination−secure, protected and charged.

Adjustable dividers gives you...

21 Jan

We all know to be aware of pickpockets. Even if early childhood education did not include tips on watching your pockets when outdoors, life itself provides opportunities to learn the simple rules. The same can be said with hackers. Today, widely publicized hacker activities on the Internet are known even to children.

But skimmers enjoy less...

20 Jan

Do you get enough sleep at night? Honestly, I don’t. It’s possible there’s not enough time to get a decent night’s sleep, considering how frantic our daily lives are.

But if you manage to go to bed earlier, yet still are not get enough rest, whose fault is that?

German and American researchers suggest you limit the use of electronic devices before...

19 Jan

Blackhat, directed by Michael Mann (Heat, The Last of the Mohicans) is a digital whodunit about a pair of cyberattacks and the duo of unlikely bedfellows — a captain in the People’s Liberation Army and a convicted felon — tasked with tracking the villains perpetrating the attacks before they strike again.

We begin inside a nuclear power plant...

16 Jan

Push me, and then decrypt me, till you can get law satisfaction

“British Prime Minister David Cameron to ban encrypted messengers” -Headlines like this have been popping up , both in major dailies and lesser known websites.

Ah, reading headlines like that is a pleasure. Opinions vary from “Let’s protect Great Britain from tragedies like a terror act...

15 Jan

The first ever publicly known OS X firmware bootkit emerged out of the 31st Chaos Computer Club conference in Hamburg, Germany last month.

Security researcher Trammell Hudson developed the attack and named it Thunderstrike. It exploits a vulnerability deep in the core of the Apple’s OS X operating system. In fact, the vulnerability underlies the o...

14 Jan

CES 2015 was a superb event in terms of the amount of new technologies per square foot, which have been referred to numerous times by reporters for tech websites. As for me, a person fully immersed in the world of information security, the show resulted in mixed feelings.

On the one hand, CES demonstrated key trends that await us 5 to 10 years from...

13 Jan

The days of people using just a desktop computer are long gone. In the last few years, the number of gadgets per person has risen significantly. Now people use laptops, smartphones, and tablets along with their PCs. Consequently, they want to ensure the protection of each of their devices.

We have a special solution for multi-device users: It is...

12 Jan

Last year, the IT security field was pretty eventful. There were a lot of incidents: from global vulnerabilities which affected millions of computers all over the globe to showdowns with local cybercriminals. Every one of these events were, in one way or another, connected with social networks – especially Twitter since it also acts as a news s...

08 Jan

Today, an expert statement was released on the status and impact of prolonged sitting in the office, commissioned by Public Health England and Active Working C.I.C (who launched the Get Britain Standing campaign in 2014). Presented today at Get Britain Standing’s Active Working Summit, the expert statement recommends further breaking up sedentary...

08 Jan

The rise of MMORPG and Internet gaming platforms definitely attracts lots of cybercriminals looking for new ways to monetize their malicious skills. Currently, Kaspersky Lab knows of more than 4.6 million pieces of gaming-focused malware. Popular sphere indeed, right?



Have you ever wondered why so many of us lose control and ignore security rules...

06 Jan

My fellow editors entrusted me with the task of covering drones in this article. Drones fly here and there, without consent. Do they shoot videos? They do! More than that, check out some interesting cartoons they now can make.

But are drones as scary as they seem?

Drones, or, more officially, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), might violate someone’s p...

02 Jan

To some extent, your connected PC or mobile device is a lone warrior lost in an unknown territory — and this situation repeats itself every time you are online. In many cases, your device is unable to detect who is on the other side of the connection: is it your best friend or a cybercriminal in disguise?

Of course, there are lots of security...

24 Dec

Merry Christmas from everyone at Kaspersky Lab! We hope you enjoy some time with family and friends this holiday season.

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