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26 Feb

For a regular user like you and me it’s hard to imagine the entire path online payment transactions take, and all obstacles that may appear along that path. In fact, we do not need to know how a payment is processed (although it’s interesting), but to stay protected we do need to know what can go wrong.

That’s the reason Kaspersky Lab experts have d...

25 Feb

Threatpost reporters Chris Brook and Brian Donohue revisit last week’s Security Analyst Summit, an event put on by Kaspersky Lab in Cancun, Mexico. Talks of interest include the Kaspersky Lab Global Research and Analysis team’s Equation advanced persistent threat group, David Jacoby’s home hacking and more.


You can...

24 Feb

On February 19th of 2015, it became known that Lenovo’s laptops had been shipped with an adware called Superfish preinstalled. There are two major problems with this issue.

The first one being that the hardware maker had been shipping consumer laptops with an adware preinstalled for several months — starting in September 2014 up until February 2015....

23 Feb

Do you like working in an open plan office? Many would say no. The frequently cited drawbacks are obvious: noise, inability to focus, higher fatigue because of continuous interaction with co-workers, etc. Dividing the space into cubicles isn’t much better as it creates additional problems.

Meanwhile the office ‘fashion’ defines the future, where per...

20 Feb

Cancun, Mexico — Researchers from Kaspersky Lab have uncovered the first ever Arabic language advanced persistent threat (APT) group. Dubbed Desert Falcons, the group of thirty or so attackers — some of whom are known by name — operates out of Palestine, Egypt and Turkey and is said to have developed and deployed their wares exclusively in the Midd...

16 Feb

Let’s all salute the office pioneers who, braving co-worker ridicule and IT angst, reached for the boxes, books, and other cube accessories to create stand-up desks in their sit-only landscapes.

Folks like Nikki, Amy, Ryan and the others, what were they hoping for? More energy, more focus, or maybe even for a back pain free day away from a sit-only...

12 Feb

It’s the beginning of February and we’ve already seen three Adobe Flash zero days, an Internet wide-vulnerability in Linux and our first massive data breach of Anthem Inc., an enormous healthcare provider. Threatpost’s Brian Donohue and Chris Brook discuss these headlines and preview Kaspersky Lab’s Security Analyst Summit, set to kick off next wee...

11 Feb

At times, aerophobes make you wonder. Some of them do not admit their fear of flying, but as soon as they are on board and seated, they start frantically Googling the tail number in order to find out when the aircraft was produced and where it flew throughout its lifetime. And then — Twitter time: “Just boarded the plane which is older than me! #sh...

10 Feb

The popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp released WhatsApp Web late last month. The service will allow users to run WhatsApp on their favorite Web browser — so long as their favorite browser is Google Chrome and they aren’t trying to pair their WhatsApp Web account with an iPhone.

As always, Kaspersky Daily is mostly interested in WhatsApp...

09 Feb

Every child knows that anything yummy, curious or at least remotely exciting is detrimental to one’s health. There is a proverbial saying that is said to belong to Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde or Alexander Woollcott, that is worded as follows: “All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal, or fattening.”

This very saying has...

06 Feb

When making the decision to move forward with any major purchase one has to prepare themselves for the long term commitment associated with that purchase. This is certainly the case when an organization decides to implement a digital signage (DS) solution.

When seeking a hardware vendor, technology is most likely the first thing that enters the...

06 Feb

Recently, District Administration and other news outlets like it, reported the Obama administration’s request for $1 billion in funding for American Indian education, including millions for schools needing new construction or significant repair.

Native American children are considered “at risk” students, not only for lower high school graduation rat...

06 Feb

Once a user looks up a laptop or a slow cooker online, advertisements from online stores will begin to appear as if from the horn of abundance. This is exactly how contextual advertising works: There are numerous legitimate methods for tracking a user’s online activity. Today, we’ll tell you how you can get rid of the most commonly known trackers.


05 Feb

In our recent blog post, “Juggling with cards: doing criminal business on ATMs“, we told you how easily you could lose your money because of the tricks carders play. The main reason why it’s still happening is the rudimental card security system, which dates back to the 1970s. The data on the magnetic strip is written as ‘plain text’, and a PIN, a...

04 Feb

The consumer-to-consumer sales market is a great field for frauds of all stripes. Many people buy smartphones and other gadgets on online auction and shopping platforms such as eBay.

Thousands of gadgets are bought and sold at such sites, including popular Apple devices. There are many ways to fool a victim who is going to buy/sell a phone from/to...

03 Feb

In God we trust; the rest we check — this is a wise principle in terms of security that includes the use of widespread QR codes. Not many suspect that someone could replace a code on an official advertisement displayed in a bank, on public transportation, or in a museum or other institution. Still, there were many cases of malicious QR codes being...

02 Feb

Have you ever wondered how a typical office would look in a decade or so?

The first thing to come to mind is likely some pseudo hi-tech equipment based on a bad sci-fi: retina scanner at the entrance, a conscious robocop for protection, a 3D avatar of your boss in a luxury boardroom, etc. — all of these fantasies copy today’s reality and enhance it...

30 Jan

In part one of our series, we discussed tech used by bank card ‘seekers’. Today, we’ll reveal another part of the story, covering how criminals carry out the most dangerous skimming processes.

Outsourcing skimming processes

For the majority of what a carder does, he doesn’t need to be highly qualified. However, some operations – including the pro...

29 Jan

Last night, the wall of melty cheese greeted me as I walked into my local Walmart. Must be the Super Bowl, right? With the big day fast approaching, people all over the country are getting their supplies together.

In the spirit of game day, here’s our list of the top three things to do to help ensure that the party is a safe day for everyone invit...

29 Jan

A new variant of the Onion ransomware has emerged, though you might see it referred to as CTB-Locker or Citroni.

Whatever you decide to call it, CTB-Locker is a Cryptolocker-like piece of malware that encrypts all the files on its host machines and demands a ransom payment in order to decrypt those files.

CTB-Locker, or Curve Tor Bitcoin Locker,...

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