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09 Jun

System connectivity is the key to a more efficient business which drives profitability.


·         Why should we have to enter the same information more than once?

·         Why do I have to open my customer information when they call?

·         Why can’t we easily use our data to create intelligence to help a decision-making process?

·         How can we automate manual tasks that are necessary to the process but not adding value?

Not thinking is just another way of justifying that things have to be a certain way because they always have been. The opposite mindset is transformational thinking.
How can we transform how we do things without being limited to the process of the past?
  I recently took on a new hire and one message I give to new employees is “if you see something we do and you see a different way or question why we do something please bring it to my attention”!

Take a look at your business—the processes, the systems and how much re-work and waste is embedded. You don’t need to replace all of your systems — just change your mindset and start transforming your thinking.

Software today can bring up your customer database when the phone rings.  You can scan your invoices into your accounting software without entering it manually.  If you create the correct workflow you would not even have to scan them in this can also be automated.

We sell mailing machines, envelop stuffers, but I would not think to print my customer invoices, stuff and mail them, automations can take care of that utilizing email, and fax.

If you are at a time where you want to look at change, coffee and a chat is one of the best places to start.




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