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05 May

3 Critical Actions for Improved Print Security

Take steps to protect yourself
Ensure that you, your IT department, or service provider follows routine security measures like the following...

1. Inventory Risks and Vulnerabilities 

Catch hacks before they snag your database. Vulnerability assessment software there are many options please note you get what you pay for! This software should point out those weak points, recommend updates, and review potential issues.
Schedule updates to regularly review critical risks with your in-house team or outsource security to a trusted consultant.


2. Audit Users and Strategy 

False profiles, fake users or even disgruntled employees can all be the beginning of a big data breach.
Secure your print fleet by revisiting security and operations for users, confirming identities, and evaluating a print strategy for departments that may not necessarily need print access.


3. Invest in Security, Management, and Updates 

Close the door for hacking and security interventions with regular patches, firmware updates, and scheduled security reviews.
Integrate your printer into your connected network security system so you can manage the IPs that have access to printer data.

We are there to help

Contact the security experts at ChoiceCom to understand potential threats and solutions for print security in your office.



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