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14 Apr

Cut Costs with Managed Services

Managed services save money - most business owners know this and take advantage of the services available to save.

If managed services are a new idea or you haven't done the research on what's available, it's worth looking into.

Most businesses find that costs for office automation, IT, and print supplies go unnoticed and rack up a hefty bill every year. Often, these costs are unexplained and accepted as essential.

What if you can cut 30% or more from your spending with managed services? It's worth considering then.
ChoiceCom Managed Services

Some popular options for managed services that can reduce budget spending where you need it most are:
Managed print
Managed print means investing in print savings through supply ordering, service and repair contracts, and print audits.

Wasting paper, toner, and machine capabilities can add up quickly in any size business. With a print audit, you'll understand where you're losing money and can make changes with managed print.
Network Management
IT resources are busy and overwhelmed. Outsource your most straightforward IT operations so that your tech department can focus on essential, internal issues and general network management can be handled outside the business. This allows more time for critical issues and more cash for furthering business operations.
Cash In with Managed Services
Contact ChoiceCom today to invest in the future of your company. Technology can save money, and managed services can streamline savings and tech features to improve your office budget.


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