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31 Mar

A cost-effective defenses against cyber-attacks is patching

I drive more than 50K per year and to have a reliable vehicle that won't let me down. I have to take the time to have regular maintenance carried out on my car. This is common place today for many products, preventative is a better return on investment that reactive in my opinion.

If you are running your business using computer systems you need to carry out preventative maintenance to keep your systems tuned up and safe.

If you don't think you are a big enough business for anyone to bother with
What is the definition of a small business in Canada?
1 to 4 employees: Micro-enterprise
5 to 100: Small business
101 to 499: Medium-sized business
500-plus: Large business
(Source: Industry Canada)
The largest growth area for targeted cyber attacks in 2012 was businesses with fewer than 250 employees — 31% of all attacks targeted them. Over a 12-month period in 2012, 69% of Canadian businesses surveyed reported some kind of cyber attack, costing them approximately $5.3 million, or about $15,000 per attack. These stats on the Canadian government cyber safe site are 6 years old, todays numbers are significantly different and not in a good way. Source Department of public safety and emergency preparedness CA
According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, (USA) one in five SMB fall victim to cybercrime each year, that's a 20% chance you will get hacked. Out of those hacked 60 percent go out of business within six months. Is this statement marketing to scare you into taking action or information that readily available on the web for you to learn, make an educated choice?
One of the most cost-effective defenses against cyber-attacks is patching – yes, simply keeping software up to date! Out of date software applications may contain errors that can be exploited to gain access to otherwise secured programs and systems. It is like securing your house then finding out someone left a window open, someone can walk right in.  Any operating systems, web browsers, Adobe reader, flash, shockwave and other programs reside on a typical computer system.
The applications mentioned above are written with thousands or even millions of lines of code. Depending on the writing of the software applications and their quality control processes, Software Development Life Cycle it is typical to see 10 to 50 bugs (errors or flaws) in software per 1000 lines of code created. Even one application left unpatched for a security issue may leave your entire network vulnerable depending on the degree of vulnerability.
Your Mission should you wish to accept it, don't be caught unaware. Be sure to download updates and patches for your software on a regular basis weekly minimum, daily checks and download over night better. This helps to ensure that errors are being noticed and patched, to prevent easy access to your system. Who knows what information you keep on your systems however it likely contains precious valuable data! Your job security, your family livelihood and that of your employees may all be under threat from the loss of data or a ransom being leveraged for you to gain back that which is encrypted.

This part is my sales pitch. When you are at the level were the constant patching and updates is beyond your manageable time, or you can better spend that valuable time doing other things, time is something you never get back! Let my company help you manage these tasks with an automated software process that monitors, updates, repairs and reports for each server, desktop or mobile device you have within your organization. It is all a question of cost, how much you ask after all value to one person is different to another. This is an Al-a carte menu but the base price is $8.60 per desktop per month. 

The more commonly used a program, the larger target it represents and the more likely a vulnerability will be exploited.

 • According to US-CERT, 85% of targeted attacks are preventable by installing a security patch.

 Why doesn't everyone patch?

Patching isn't always as easy as clicking "install updates" and be done with it. Sometimes users disable automatic updates or fail to install patches because they think it will break things, they do not work as advertised, it installs unwanted "bonus" software, or the patch introduces a different security problem. Even worse patch pop-up messages always seem to happen at the worst moments so you just click "ignore". Even when it all works and nothing extra is installed, a reboot may be needed, which adds to more frustrations and annoyances. Completing these tasks during the evening for most SMB will solve much of the frustration and users cancelling the protective measures you must follow.

 Are you an expert computer user?

There are many people who are diligent in patching and stay on top of software as security issues occur and updates are available. Malware writers know this so they try to trick people (Social Engineering) into installing their malicious software by disguising it as a legitimate software update. Many users know that it's important to keep computer software up-to-date but may fall victim to fake updates and install malware instead. Both PC and Mac users are vulnerable.
Not all software applications offer an automatic update feature in this instance a patch might have to be sourced and pushed out to the computer.

 Final push for you to pick up the phone or create an email to initiate the conversation.

 We charge $92 per hour onsite to fix computer issues. The average time it takes to clean up or wipe and reload an infected PC is two hours.

2 x $92 = $184
To protect a PC just for patch updates in a given year $8.60 x 12 = $103.20
Add anti-virus for more security $2.00 and desktop backup $2.50
$13.10 x 12 = $157 in essence preventative maintenance works out to be cheaper than a reactionary solution, I guarantee it.

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