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18 Mar

Lexmark Pharmacy Order Assistant workflow


Lexington, KY (March 6, 2018) — Lexmark International Inc., a global imaging solutions leader, today announced Lexmark Pharmacy Order Assistant, a solution that fills the paper-based gaps in pharmacy order workflows, allowing users to process complex, paper-based pharmacy orders from their existing Lexmark smart multi-function printer (MFP) for increased accuracy, speed and safety.


Lexmark Pharmacy Order Assistant enables clinicians to effortlessly process the complex, paper orders that fall outside the CPOE system, replacing the standard fax process with one that converts handwritten forms into truly digital files. By leveraging the Lexmark Smart MFP—a device that's simple to use and familiar to hospital staff—the solution simplifies routing and tracking, and allows the order to be accessible electronically. As a result, the order can be retrieved and reviewed by all required parties, for greater collaboration and increased visibility across the organization.


"When it comes to processing pharmacy orders, safety, accuracy and efficiency are of utmost importance," said Marty DeGraff, director, Lexmark Healthcare Solutions. "While many health care organizations use Clinical Provider Order Entry (CPOE) for processing pharmacy orders, some orders are too complex for CPOE and others come in on paper. These orders require manual steps that increase the risk for delays, errors and confusion that can compromise patient safety and compliance. We designed Lexmark Pharmacy Order Assistant to help fill the paper order gap."


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