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10 Sep

Three Outstanding Reasons to Lease Your Next Multifunction Printer

Here's Your Chance

Even if a large part of your working capital is tied up to meet the demands of growth or new product innovation, you can still have a new printer to keep your internal processes operational.

The truth is, you need new office technologies during periods of growth more than any other time. That's where leasing provides an outstanding advantage.

Check Out These Benefits

1. No need to tie up your capital. Tying up your cash with a large purchase may be problematic right now, but not to worry. Leasing doesn't require a large cash outlay like a lump sum purchase. Your costs will be spread out over equal monthly payments with no uncomfortable down payment required.

2. Save your credit line for something else. You need your credit line to expand your business, invest in your new product line, and acquire additional office space. Leasing your printer means you'll still have access to your credit line.

3. Keep up with technology. The newest office technologies are nothing like that printer you acquired years ago and is still hanging out in the corner. The latest technologies have some advantages we never dreamed of just ten years ago. Leasing allows you to upgrade much sooner than purchasing.

  • Copy, print, scan and fax from one multifunction printer
  • Digitize your documents to deploy paperless processes
  • Staple, fold, hole punch, collate—all from your printer
  • Protect your data with built-in security protocols

To learn how easy it is to lease your next multifunction printer, contact us today!


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