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27 Mar

According to a number of reports, Intel and IBM are scouring the job market for Bitcoin experts. We, at the Kaspersky Daily, weren’t quite sure why the two tech giants are interested in the cryptocurrency, so we reached out to our own in-house Bitcoin expert, Stefan Tanase.

As it turns out, according to Stefan Tanase, a senior security researcher...

26 Mar

According to Nielsen’s year-old report on the state of mobile technology, users across multiple developed markets have one thing in common: they spend roughly 40% of their actual screen time on activities categorized as Social and Messaging. The same report contains data demonstrating a strong preference for apps over browser: an average Facebook...

25 Mar

3Q and 4Q of 2014 were rather successful for Kaspersky Lab: our solutions became acknowledged winners of 11 independent tests (including long-term ones).

Europe’s best selling computer magazine, German Сomputer Bild, acknowledged Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 as the best security suite 2015. The magazine also highlighted the major strengths of...

24 Mar

Editorial note: Sergey Dolya, the author of this post is one of the most popular Russian bloggers. This story recently involved one of his friends. The victim was Katya Turtseva, a high-ranking employee of an international IT company. We mention this to make it clear that in this specific case, the victim knew a thing or two about security.


23 Mar

There is new piece of ransomware out there going after the players of some 40 online games in an apparent attempt to target a somewhat younger crowd of computer users.

Ransomware is a type of malware the targets and encrypts the user-files on infected machines. Once the files are securely encrypted, the people controlling the malware demand payment...

20 Mar

Microsoft has announced an ambitious plan to replace passwords with biometric identifiers in it’s yet to be released Windows 10 operating system. The race to replace passwords has been on for years, however, “Windows Hello” offers perhaps the most realistic chance of eradicating the archaic but ubiquitous authenticator.

The difficultly with...

17 Mar

Kaspersky Lab experts have detected a new dangerous malware that aims to steal money from fans of pirated content. Podec Trojan uses black hat SEO techniques and popular social networks (in particular, famous originally Russian social network VKontakte also known as to infect Android smartphones and steal money.

To spread Podec, hackers...

16 Mar

That awkward moment when you checked all your pockets and your bag twice and still have no idea where your phone is. Did you leave it at home? Lose it in a cafe or the subway? Or maybe it was stolen by a nimble-fingered thief?

In this situation, many people would like to know where their phone is exactly, and if something bad happened to it, to be a...

13 Mar

At the Mobile World Congressin Barcelona earlier this month, Android smartphone giant, Samsung, released its mobile payments platform, Samsung Pay. The name will almost certainly draw comparisons to Apple Pay, the mobile payments platform of Samsung’s biggest competitor. However, Samsung Pay has something that Apple Pay does not: Magnetic Secure...

12 Mar

It’s always fun to observe commodity, non-vertically integrated tech manufacturers toss and twitch as distant rumors start rumbling about Apple entering yet another product category. Those companies don’t completely own their platforms and thus, their user experience. Moreover, when they try to come up with something completely in-house they usu...

10 Mar

The Mobile World Congress often gladdens our heart with lots of visitors and participants who care about security. It is quite natural taking into account the event is held by the GSMA Association. This year was no exception with security being one of the main themes at the MWC 2015. Let’s see what trends Kaspersky Lab identified at the event.


09 Mar

An airborne plane is one of the safest places on the planet. However, there are rules to abide by in order to make sure the flight is a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Tip #1. Don’t panic!

If you happen to be aerophobic, there’s no use panicking when you are already seated. Calm your nerves by acknowledging that everything is beyond your co...

05 Mar

Though the number of high-profile announcements decreases with each passing year, one can still find lots of innovative gadgets at Mobile World Congress. We spent a few days at the event gawking at phones, watches and other crazy gadgets, holding them in hands and using most of them. Now we are ready to tell you about the most interesting devices f...

03 Mar

Any great innovation brings us not only new benefits, but also new problems. Take cars as an example. They gave us the ability to travel incredibly fast and to carry cargo stunningly efficiently. At the same time, they kill thousands of people every year, convert our cities to concrete deserts, and exhaust tons of fumes which make it hard to...

03 Mar

The latest privacy-related kerfuffle, involving Lenovo, who thought it was a great idea to pre-install some very nasty adware with gaping security holes, was like a blast from the past. Once again, the openness of traditional desktop OSes to third-party tinkering leaves your average consumer unprotected. Despite the world of consumer computing...

02 Mar

Last year, one idea attracted a great deal of attention: PC games may be used to develop intellectual — or, more precisely, cognitive — abilities. The idea is probably as old as the games themselves, but, until recently, was viewed a bit skeptically.

And here is why: Intelligence was considered, in all respect, heritage (thus, a permanent...

27 Feb

The latest in a long line of whistleblower Edward Snowden’s National Security Agency revelations may be among the most shocking: The NSA and its British counterpart, GCHQ, allegedly compromised the networks of Gemalto, and pilfered the encryption keys protecting untold millions, potentially billions, of SIM cards.

A compromise of SIM cards on this...

26 Feb

For a regular user like you and me it’s hard to imagine the entire path online payment transactions take, and all obstacles that may appear along that path. In fact, we do not need to know how a payment is processed (although it’s interesting), but to stay protected we do need to know what can go wrong.

That’s the reason Kaspersky Lab experts have d...

25 Feb

Threatpost reporters Chris Brook and Brian Donohue revisit last week’s Security Analyst Summit, an event put on by Kaspersky Lab in Cancun, Mexico. Talks of interest include the Kaspersky Lab Global Research and Analysis team’s Equation advanced persistent threat group, David Jacoby’s home hacking and more.


You can...

24 Feb

On February 19th of 2015, it became known that Lenovo’s laptops had been shipped with an adware called Superfish preinstalled. There are two major problems with this issue.

The first one being that the hardware maker had been shipping consumer laptops with an adware preinstalled for several months — starting in September 2014 up until February 2015....

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