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21 Jul

Toshiba's newest Multifunction Printer models can make life simpler for all users within an organization. This video illustrates how these machines will benefit Administration, Business Owners and IT Managers:

18 Jul

While the exterior of Toshiba's new e-STUDIO Multifunction Printers may have been upgraded to a sleek & modern black, there's a lot going on inside of these copiers that make them "Green" too!

12 Jul

At ChoiceCom, we recognize the important role a copier or Multifunction printer plays in day-to-day operations for most organizations. The more efficient your MFP, the smoother the workday will typically go. Today we'll take a look at OCR, a powerful technology that will save you time and space, which in turn can help save money!

21 Jun

It’s an exciting time for us at ChoiceCom, as our partner Toshiba Canada has rolled out several new e-STUDIO multifunction printer models!

When we say “new”, we don’t mean refreshed, upgraded models. We mean brand-new. These MFP’s are completely redesigned inside and out, sporting a bold new look and featuring a fast Intel dual-core processor and Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Next architecture.

Here’s three ways these e-STUDIO models can simplify your workflow experience and increase efficiency:

09 Jun

Toshiba's newly re-designed e-STUDIO models are set to change the game for MFP's and ChoiceCom couldn't be more excited!

12 Jan

Undoubtedly, the majority of your colleagues are carrying their personal mobile devices to the office these days. Suffice to say, these professionals are producing, storing and sending such important documents as RFPs, presentations and financial results on these devices. Without question, the BYOD (bring your own device) generation is here to...

21 Dec

Want to take a selfie with your favorite celebrity sports player or music artist the next time you see them in action? Or how about juggling a virtual soccer ball while walking from the parking lot to stadium? With augmented reality (AR) this idea isn’t entirely farfetched.

AR is a technology, which enhances – or augments – your surroundings by ove...

23 Nov

Thankfully for American commerce, “retail therapy” is still very much a viable concept for many. And as our doctors would surely agree, is infinitely better than consuming a pint of ice cream while watching TV.

For many of us, retail therapy still means going to our favorite retailer or shopping outlet while running up our credit cards buying the...

09 Nov

As I touched upon in my last blog post, the engagement element of live social media feeds displayed on digital signage during events for sports teams, music/literary artists, retailers and even corporations, for that matter, can be pretty profound. I mean, what team or music artist wouldn’t want praise from their fans at a live event, right? The s...

31 Aug

As a parent myself, I have particular insight into the massive amount of paperwork schools must sort through and store. I know this as I have completed and submitted seemingly countless forms on behalf of my children throughout their K-12 experiences. Just recently, I completed the myriad papers to officially allow my youngest to enter his...

20 Jul

A favorite childhood memory growing up in Houston was receiving a free Astros cap while attending a game at the old Astrodome. From that moment, my lifetime loyalty to the Astros was sealed! As many sports marketers will readily attest, this experience is common for young fans throughout the world. Once kids begin wearing a cap (or other team...

01 Jun

Though the celebration of Earth Day 2015 has come and gone, the intent behind this day’s origination 45 years ago has clearly resonated throughout the world. This year alone, more the two billion individual “Acts of Green” were accomplished globally – according to Earth Day Network, the organization that spawned from the original Earth Day.


28 May

“How can we better engage our audience?” Undoubtedly, this question has been asked throughout the ages by merchants and retailers alike. For those of us in the growing digital signage – or DS – space seeking to bolster our client’s bottom lines, this underlying question must still be answered. Fortunately, technology today provides us with great av...

08 May

Without a doubt, BYOD is exponentially gaining widespread acceptance as market research company, Gartner predicts 85 percent of all organizations will allow their employees to use their own tablet and smartphones from 9 to 5 by the year 2020. Though many of these individuals will certainly choose to reduce their number of prints, another noted...

23 Mar

More than half of all employees in the United States feel out of touch or disengaged with their organizations. As a result, U.S. companies are losing $450 to $550 billion a year in productivity. These fairly startling statistics came to light through well-known public surveyor, Gallup’s latest report, “State of the American Workplace.”

While there...

02 Mar

Corporations have been emphasizing data security for some time now. As a result, nearly 80 percent of all companies have a chief information security officer (CISO) or equivalent according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. To underscore this emphasis, people at Fortune 500 companies holding this title typically command $500,000 to $700,000 writes CIO...

06 Feb

When making the decision to move forward with any major purchase one has to prepare themselves for the long term commitment associated with that purchase. This is certainly the case when an organization decides to implement a digital signage (DS) solution.

When seeking a hardware vendor, technology is most likely the first thing that enters the...

27 Jan

Gartner predicts cloud computing is one of the top technology trends in 2015. In reality though, cloud computing has been a staple of business for at least four years or so as companies like DropBox are streamlining our work by allowing us to send and receive data-intensive files that heretofore would have been challenging, if not been impossible....

21 Dec

Considering our still tepid economy, financial officers continue to scrutinize organization-wide budgets, with particular interest in shaving IT expenditures. While some companies have been able to operate at or near optimum levels under these circumstances, others are struggling to operate as efficiently as before.

Fortunately for all involved,...

01 Dec

With market research company IHS predicting digital signage – or DS – revenues exceeding $15 billion by the end of next year, video display vendors are now fast and furiously unveiling ultra-high definition LED displays to keep up with demand.

While it’s certainly a necessity to have state-of-the-art display technology in any DS implementation, it d...

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