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28 Jan

When you read the word “manufacturing”, surely one of the first thoughts that pops into your head is Henry Ford’s 1913 introduction of the moving assembly line. 

It took the concept of mass production, introduced standardization, and saw the time required to build a Model T go from 12 hours to less than three. 

The result? According to Ford: “In 1912, Ford Motor Company produced 82,388 Model Ts, and the touring car sold for $600. By 1916, Model T production had risen to 585,388, and the price had dropped to $360.”

02 Dec

 A question I often get is "Why do I need to be on a managed IT plan? Can't I just pay you to come out and fix things when they're broken?" While that's a legitimate question if we were talking about your washing machine or car, that's definitely NOT the right approach to a critical and dynamic IT system that your company depends on; you DEFINITELY don't want to wait until something "breaks" before you try and fix a problem.

02 Dec

 In a recent Wasting Time At Work Survey, reported that 89% of employees admitted to wasting time at work every day, with some admitting they waste at least HALF of their 8-hour workday on non-work-related tasks. According to the research firm YouGov, 20% of employees are late to their jobs at least ONCE A WEEK. A study by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers found the average user checks their phone nearly 150 times per day. Add this all up and I'm amazed anyone gets ANYTHING done.

23 Sep

In a world of rampant cybercrime, hackers thrive on the blind faith of their targets. Despite high-profile digital security breaches showing up in the news nearly every week, most people assume they’re safe from attack.  The thinking goes that while Fortune 500 corporations like J.P. Morgan, Sony, Tesco Bank, and Target have lost millions of dollars of data breaches in recent years, my business is far too small to justify a hacker’s attention…right?

23 Sep
No matter how “bomb-proof” we make your network, you and your employees can still invite a hacker in if you click on a link or open an attachment in an e-mail sent by a cybercriminal. Some spam is obvious (can you say, “Viagra at a discount”?) but others are VERY cleverly designed to sneak past all the filters and trick the recipient into opening the door. Known as a “phishing” e-mail, this still is the #1 way hackers circumvent firewalls, filters and antivirus, so it’s critical that you and your employees know how to spot a threatening e-mail. Here are four types of e-mail ploys you should be on high alert for 


09 Sep
While no business owner imagines a disaster will impact their business, the reality is that it is increasingly likely.
15 Aug
When it comes to software office suites, developers are offering the flexibility to mirror a more versatile business landscape. Software is no longer an either/or proposition.
19 Jun
85% of consumers agree the quality of print indicates quality of services
17 Jun
SMBs need security measures as much as large corporations do. They aren't hard to install, and you can probably do everything you need to do in a single day.
09 Jun
 Here are some questions that I think office technology customers should be asking themselves:
02 Jun
Phishing attacks remain the largest challenge to organizations because they target all employees 
05 May

If you do not consider your printer "smart technology" then you might want to take another look. Your multi-functional printer is now more connected via a network connection and therefore is a potential vulnerability. That being said, by taking a few precautions, you have it in your power to rethink your office print security strategy.

05 May
With sturdy frames and long-lasting components, these products offer reliability, durability and duty cycles that minimize waste, enhance longevity and make service and support a breeze.
14 Apr

Most businesses find that costs for office automation, IT, and print supplies go unnoticed and rack up a hefty bill every year. Often, these costs are unexplained and accepted as essential.

14 Apr

I know the decision to move to a new telephony system is a difficult one to make. That's why we've created the following list of 3 of the benefits of a modern unified communications system over an outdated phone system.

07 Apr

Mobile print security is a feature your office needs. Since you don't overlook safety in any aspect of a business, as you adapt to new technology features, it's also important to protect users and customers from threats as well.

31 Mar

69% of Canadian businesses surveyed reported some kind of cyber attack, costing them approximately $5.3 million, or about $15,000 per attack.

25 Mar

Lexington, KY (March 20, 2018) — Lexmark, a global imaging solutions leader, today announced it has been honored with three 2018 Manufacturing Leadership Awards from the Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Council. These awards recognize companies and individuals that are shaping the future of global manufacturing.

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