Phone Solutions

ChoiceCom’s Phone Solutions takes team collaboration and customer communication to a whole new level. Our unified communication system gives you a plethora of advanced, enterprise-grade calling and messaging features at a small business price. These include instant messaging, video conferencing, customized call handling, CRM integration, and more. Our solutions are not platform-dependent, so they work on any device that you use giving your employees maximum mobility. With our Phone Solutions, you can work and communicate effectively from any location and any time zone.Traditional hardware installation, whether digital or VOIP, the partnership we have with NEC gives you more options at your finger tips than you could imagine. Make your communication crystal clear, let start the conversation!

The benefits of our Phone Solutions include:

  • Savings – Decrease the cost and complexity of deploying and managing multiple applications
  • Mobility – Reach customers from any remote location through your mobile phone or laptop
  • Scalability – Mix and match your capabilities to suit your business needs
  • Ease of use – Enjoy a seamless interface that requires minimal training

Our solutions are simple to deploy and easy to use and manage. Get in touch with our team today.

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