IT Equipment Leasing

Businesses need to invest in the latest cutting-edge equipment to stay ahead of the game. ChoiceCom’s IT Procurement Services can help you stay competitive through affordable leasing of IT equipment. We make acquisition easy by allowing you to also lease the cost of software and labour, encompassing the whole project under manageable monthly or quarterly lease payments.

With our services, the capital cost is spread across your leased item’s entire service life, eliminating heavy upfront expenses for your small business. Our trade-up option also allows you to replace your equipment with newer technology within the term of the contract without necessarily increasing your leasing payments.

We also provide equipment rentals for your short-term needs. For example, we can supply you with extra printers and scanners during tax season to help process all those extra customer returns, or a projector to enhance your next big presentation.

The benefits of our IT Procurement Services include:
  • The Latest Technologies – Access a wide array of leading hardware and software at the best prices
  • Affordable Payment Schemes – Choose a payment option that meets your budget requirements and goals
  • Fully-Managed Plans – From sourcing to installation to support, we make your equipment acquisitions quick and convenient

Let ChoiceCom and our leasing partners provide tailor-made solutions that meet your business growth needs and are easy on your budget.