Hardware and Software

Technology is always evolving, and keeping pace with the latest enterprise technologies requires a commitment to research and internal expertise. ChoiceCom takes care of this so you don’t have to. Going from the All in One computer to today’s Tiny in One from Lenovo.  We maintain and constantly pursue “Partner” and “Authorized Reseller” status with leading manufacturers in the industry to offer you innovative and integrated solutions that are designed for your business.

From simple to complex systems in multiple locations to integrated offices in small businesses, we’ll work with you to find the appropriate and cost-effective recommendations that help you to meet your business goals. We help you to explore your options, design a total solution package, and configure the IT systems to provide the connectivity and results that your business requires.

Assisting non-profit organizations get the best from limited resources, connecting you with software and hardware from the likes of TechSoup.

The benefits of our Hardware and Software Services include:
  • One-Stop Shop – We offer an extensive range of computer hardware and software solutions
  • Warranty and Technical Support – Our products are covered by manufacturer’s warranties and our support team is ready to provide assistance around the clock
  • Affordable Payment Schemes – Choose a payment option that meets your budget requirements and goals
  • Fully-Managed Plans – From sourcing to installation to support, we make your IT acquisitions quick and convenient
  • Easy Upgrades – Our services allow you to easily upgrade your hardware and software as your business grows

ChoiceCom starts by listening to you and working with you throughout the process. This means we get it right the first time so you can better serve your customers and increase performance, productivity, and profitability.