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Multifunctional printer Quote Request

You have come to my website looking for a price you are likely looking for an e-commerce type display showing machines and prices. It is coming this is something we have in the works, for now

If you're searching for photocopy of now referred to as a multifunctional printer or MFP. It is a subject that is hard to qualified a specific price on the screen due to their being many variants that go into making up a machine. I can give you a starting example. 

Base price for 25 per minute colour MFP $3450 lease 60mths $71.33

Base price for 35 per minute colour MFP $4941 lease 60mths $102.16

Base model two paper draws, automatic document feeder and stand includes print, scan, cloud connection, customized display.
Customization with extra draws, finishers, fax, dual scan document feeder.

As the model speed increases per sheet produced so will the base of the unit price.

Additionally like the car industry as you add features-accessories the price changes with each item. If you add an extra paper draw you might need to add $600 to the base price. Or an internal finisher for stapling and sorting might add $650

A few years ago you would be looking at $7k for a machine that's is 35 pages per minute or around $8.5k for 45 pages per minute. These numbers have reduced a little with the competitiveness of the market.

 Please fill out the form on the right side, this will help me provide you with a more accurate proposal first time. This is a free Copier Quote.

We carry many two brands Lexmark and Toshiba different styles of MFP for different workloads.  We can help you find the MFP that will best suit your needs.


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