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06 May

We hop to it on “Get Fit Don’t Sit” Day

On The American Diabetes Association (ADA) National “Get Fit Don’t Sit” Day — and everyday! — here are suggestions from our employees for adding mini-bursts of activity to your routine. (They don’t require you to set up a pick-up hopscotch game — watch the video here — but they’re just as fun and healthy.)


05 May

Steve Reinecke, MT (CLS) CPHIMS, AVP of Healthcare at Ergotron, talks with ICE Technologies about several new workflow solutions for nurses on display at HIMSS 2015 this year. Take a look!

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01 May

We’ve taken the pledge. Will you?  The American Diabetes Association (ADA) wants you to Get Fit, Don’t Siton May 6 by taking the pledge and engaging your workforce. They supply the reason, you supply the fun, healthy physical activities. That’s a winning combination.

Ergotron and its partner brands, Anthro and OmniMount, suggest three quick ways to...

28 Apr

Ergotron and its brands, Anthro and OmniMount, are supporting The American Diabetes Association (ADA) in honor of the first-ever National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day. On May 6, 2015, we challenge everyone to get up and move at least every 90 minutes throughout the day.

Did you know that regular physical activity increases your chances of living a longer,...

24 Apr

Ergotron’s Ergoman took a short break from his Heart Walk promotional activities this week to visit with a few folks from our headquarters. Ergoman (aka Justin F., Ergotron social media manager) will be taking on a few challengers this Saturday in the mascot race at the Twin Cities Heart Walk. If you are in attendance, cheer on the man in blue,...

24 Apr

Sedentary behavior in the office continues to be a rising concern across urban centers on every continent and highlight an issue that many businesses may not be ready to face. Their workers not only don’t like sitting for so long, they also worry about the negative impact of that sitting.

According to a new On Your Feet Britain survey (conducted by...

23 Apr






Did you know that only 12.5% of e-waste is currently recycled? E-waste, of course, being the electronic gadgets, etc. du jour that somehow become immediately obsolete seconds after we use them. Who doesn’t have extra keyboards, extra cords, extra phones, and heaven forbid, gasp, an old CRT?

Earth Day is always a great day to remember...

21 Apr

This year’s Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference took over Chicago’s mammoth McCormick Place with 43,129 attendees and 1,300 exhibitors – a record!

We enjoyed seeing everyone at our booths and had great conversations about healthcare workflow and supporting care in every part of the hospital.

Our aim was to...

16 Apr

While we don’t supply the super-speedy IT elves, we do supply an out-of-the-box experience you’ll love! Available in white or black, the WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation will open the door to a healthier workstyle. Ready when you are!



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14 Apr

HIMSS 2015 is off to an exciting start! This year Ergotron and Anthro are joining forces to give you a hospital-eye view on point-of-care carts and imaging furniture for the entire facility. Step in an experience the difference comfortable computing can make in the digital workflow, supporting care giving and patient engagement everywhere you are.


27 Mar

According to a number of reports, Intel and IBM are scouring the job market for Bitcoin experts. We, at the Kaspersky Daily, weren’t quite sure why the two tech giants are interested in the cryptocurrency, so we reached out to our own in-house Bitcoin expert, Stefan Tanase.

As it turns out, according to Stefan Tanase, a senior security researcher...

26 Mar

According to Nielsen’s year-old report on the state of mobile technology, users across multiple developed markets have one thing in common: they spend roughly 40% of their actual screen time on activities categorized as Social and Messaging. The same report contains data demonstrating a strong preference for apps over browser: an average Facebook...

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