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19 Jan

When it comes to technology, you often get what you pay for

 A survey by IT staffing firm Robert Half Technology found that workers waste an average of 22 minutes every day dealing with IT-related issues. That translates into about 91 hours, or more than two weeks, per year. “This is way too much,” says Nima Mirpourian, a Toronto-based branch manager at Robert Half Technology.


Job Brown, a web-team leader at Wakefield, UK-based blinds company Interior Goods Direct, agrees. When he was hired two years ago to lead his company’s IT team, he noticed that slow computers were damaging productivity. He calculated that staff were waiting about two and a half minutes per hour for their PCs to load information, or respond to an action. That translates into about 49 hours a week and, even at the UK’s national minimum wage, that works out to be costing £352 ($442) a year per employee.

 Computer replacement quote

First, invest wisely, says Brown. When it comes to technology, you often get what you pay for. After Brown started at his company last year, he upgraded the hard drives to make his computers run faster and it’s worked wonders. Complaints about slow computers have dropped dramatically, while people are doing at least a minute more of work per hour, he says. 

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