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10 Jan

Is your world paperless or do you have the need for a multifunctional

I’m going to cover the basics of a multifunctional all-in-one for your business, going paperless will be a subject for another day.

This all-encompassing design provides a high degree of cost savings over analog models and even older digital copiers, making the ownership or lease of an in-house model far more cost-effective than outsourced copying. A study by a major copier manufacturer estimate a total savings of more than $9,200 when comparing ownership to outsourcing dependent on volume and type. Broken down per print, this is represented about $0.40 per page in-house versus $1.60 for color copies when the same job is outsourced.  You may not be printing thousands of sheets per month which suggest to you that the cost of purchase or lease would not outweigh the difference? A typical lease for a 25-30 page multifunctional all-in-one over five years would be less than $100 per month.

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Buy vs. lease. Cash is king for any small to medium sized business, your choice is pay upfront or over a fixed period of time. The interest rates for borrowing money on a leases have declined with bank rates and are now more attractive. The rate you pay is relevant to the amount you borrow and length of time. The options for time vary from one year to five and half years. Typically you would not take a lease longer than five and a half years when purchasing technology. A lease typically has a couple of options at its maturity date, purchase, return or upgrade and return.

The benefits of leasing

What to think about when selecting a model.   

  • Maximum paper size - you will copy or print too, for Canada this is likely Ledger (17 x 11 inches). Most produced copies or print are on letter size (8.5 x 11 inches).


  • Speed of machine - is usually relevant to volume of output pages per month. The higher the volume the higher the speed of copier. I would not recommend purchasing a high speed machine for a low volume. It would be a little like purchasing a formula 1 car to go to the shops and back. Visa-Versa don’t get a small family car to drive on a racing track.   

  • Scanning/ – The multifunction of today provides high speed scanning at different resolutions it should be a standard feature of the product. The scanning feature can extend to emailing and faxing if the model supports those activities.

  • Document feeder – Sometimes known as an automatic document feeder (ADF), this device is mounted to the top of the machine and allows fast-batch scanning of large documents. Depending on the size of the machine, trays can hold from 75 to 110 sheets of paper. On a duplex-capable machine, the document feeder would also have the capability to scan both sides of a document.

  • Digital copier interface– Many new models include touch-screen operation on a monitor that resembles an iPad which can be customized to your companies most common requirements. Helps simplify the process and increases efficiency.

  • Networking capabilities– As mentioned in the scan section above, network solutions are some of the most popular features among workgroups that have mobile employees. Whether workers are on the road or simply traveling throughout a single location, networked digital copiers simplify printing and document management for everyone.






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