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10 Nov

The Most Cost-Effective Defense Against a Cyber Attack

We depend on software everyday to perform tasks such as listening to music and reading documents to running our businesses and filing taxes.

Software applications can be found almost everywhere: our computers, phones, even TV's and other ‘smart’ home accessories. These applications are programmed with lines of code that can stretch into the millions depending on the complexity of the software. Every button, each colour on the screen, ALL functions were written by a software programmer with specific code to perform that action.


Unless your software application is brand-new, never before released, it has likely been built up over time. There’s likely been many individuals or even large teams involved in the writing of this application, and just like in every other business, people come and go. This means software applications are made like a quilt, with the hopes that the pieces all fit and work together.

Depending on the company writing the software applications and their quality control processes, it’s common to find anywhere from 10 to 50 bugs (errors) in software per 1000 lines of code created. These flaws in the code can cause an application to produce incorrect or unexpected results or may cause the system to behave in some unintended way.

Do you patch?

(No, we’re not talking about that sweet jean jacket from your youth!)

Software updates, referred to as patches, are released for a variety of reasons: often it’s upgrades for new features or improved performance/stability, but a lot of the time it’s to fix a bug or close a security hole.

Patch management is the most cost-effective and easiest way to defend your business against cyber threats!

The best defense against the most common viruses, malware and hacking attacks is installing the most up-to-date software patches available. By downloading and installing software updates as soon as you possibly can, you patch the vulnerabilities that can be exploited to infect and gain access to your system.

Operating Systems, web browsers, Adobe Reader, Flash and many other programs reside on a typical computer system. Even one application left unpatched for a security issue may leave your entire network vulnerable!

Not sure if your software is up-to-date? Need help getting it there?

Contact ChoiceCom today & make sure your system is safe!

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